you feel stuck.

Every couple reaches this point in their marriage where they feel stuck, whether it’s due to poor communication, an unfulfilling sex life, constant fighting, infidelity, big life changes, misalignment around finances, or just finding yourself in a new stage of life.

With America’s divorce rate at nearly 50%, and the average cost of divorce around $15,000 per person, it is urgent that you begin your work now. Sitting back and waiting for your partner to change is no longer an option, and if you don’t take those first steps, you could end up as just another statistic.

This is where coaching comes in.

Seth and Melanie are dedicated to helping couples and individuals transform their lives, marriages, families, and businesses through the power and accountability of Coaching.  With weekly Zoom calls and customized Action Plans, Seth and Melanie will work with you to help you discover where you are stuck as a couple, uncover what is truly holding you back, and explore ways to infuse your marriage with meaning and purpose. They will walk alongside you on a journey of self-discovery, hold you accountable to your bigger-picture dreams and goals and help you navigate the rough waters that inevitably come with growth.  

Having actively worked on their own marriage, family, and business over the last 13 years, Seth & Melanie know first-hand the life-changing impact that a coach adds to the equation. Coaching from a holistic, Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual model, Seth and Melanie lean into the importance of all-around wellness as they work with their clients.

If you feel stuck in your marriage, if you know that there could be more depth, more love, more intimacy, more meaning, more sex, and you are willing to do the work, then Coaching will get you there!

"If you could have done it on your own you would have done it by now.”
- unknown

"(Seth) you've helped me find my voice. What you've done for me is remarkable!"

- Individual Coaching Client in Florida

"Thank you so much - I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you and Melanie have brought to me personally and our relationship. You are doing great things in the world!"

- Couples Coaching Client in TX

"Seth And MElanie have helped me stay grounded through a very difficult time in my relationship and I am forever grateful for their wisdom and energy"

- Anonymous client in California


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rates and packages

Insurance companies typically do not cover coaching or consultation services, as these are not intended to diagnose or treat psychopathology and mental illness. However, HSA funds are sometimes allowed to be used for coaching services, so check with your provider! 


$12,000 for 90 days
Limited to 7 couples
This package is for couples who are truly ready to dive into the deep end and TRANSFORM THEIR MARRIAGE!

This package includes: 
  • 1 x 55-minute Zoom Couples Session with both Seth & Melanie each week
  • Unlimited direct email access to Seth and Melanie throughout the week. 
  • Direct Voxer & Text accessibility to Seth and Melanie between the hours of 9am - 6pm PST. 
  • Customized Action Plan sent via email after every session.


$10,000 for 90 days
Limited to 8 men
The Individual Coaching Package with Seth is perfect for men who are sick of living in mediocrity and knowing they could be and do more. This is for men who are ready to transform their lives right now!

This package includes: 
  • 1 x 55-minute Individual Sessions with Seth each week
  • Direct email access throughout the week 
  • Direct Voxer & Text accessibility to Seth between the hours of 9am - 6pm PST.


$10,000 for 90 days
Limited to 3 women
The Individual Coaching Package with Melanie is perfect for women who want to dig deeper into themselves, find their inner-confidence and voice, and to create the life they have been LONGING FOR!

This package includes: 
  • 1 x 55-minute Individual Session with Melanie each week
  • Direct email access throughout the week 
  • Direct Voxer & Text accessibility to Melanie between the hours of 9am - 6pm PST.
  • Customized Action Plan sent via email after every session


Get your feet wet with the Back to Basics Bootcamp 3-week course!

Coaching with seth ms lmft


For the last 15 years, Seth has been dedicated to helping men heal from their past, lean into their strengths, and build a life and legacy they can be proud of. Seth holds space for his clients to become more open with themselves and their partner. He dives deep into the things that bring his clients fulfillment as men, husbands, fathers and brothers. He strives to create a work-life balance that involves service, adventure and introspection that won’t burn them out at the end of the day.

Seth is dedicated to the growth and progress of his clients, working hard to ensure that they get the most from their coaching time with him. Seth is a full spectrum coach and therapist, bringing in elements such as cold immersion, exercise, journaling, diet, accountability, anything outdoors and more.

“Seth provided me with the tools to understand my issues fully so that I was able to get out of the crazy cycle of the same arguments, issues, miscommunications and bickering that my wife and I had struggled through for years.”

- Paul V.

“Seth has an amazing way of challenging us and lifting us up, while fighting through really difficult and scary things.  I am so grateful for his coaching and friendship, and am excited to see the next steps my marriage takes because of the work Seth helped guide us through!”

- Aaron

Coaching with melanie


Melanie has a passion for helping ladies get unstuck, unburdened, and to live out the highest expression of themselves as women, sisters, wives, friends, mothers, and professionals. She loves holding emotional space for women and allowing them to explore their own thoughts, needs, desires and dreams in healthy, life-giving ways.

Melanie thrives on helping women create their own unique systems and operating procedures that will ensure the outcome of joy, love, success, and happiness with positive and predictable results that they are longing for in their lives. She also loves problem solving, reframing, and reimagining the areas and old ideologies that hold most women back!

Her no-bullshit approach will challenge women to take an honest look in the mirror so they are able to live up to their full potential… no more ‘hoping’ for success, Melanie will help you build your success from the ground up!

"I have seen about 5 counselors over the years and there is not even a remote comparison to how working with Melanie has already impacted my life! Thank you!”

- E. S.

“I started Coaching following my husband's confession of being unfaithful. I consistently had my own sh*t to work on as an individual, as a spouse, and as a daughter. My marriage improved BECAUSE I worked on myself as an individual.”

- Anonymous

"I had the AMAZING privilege of hearing Melanie speak live and it was soul-filling and life-changing!! I LOVE the Studleys, and I LOVE Anatomy of Marriage."

- N. T.

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up a call?  
After you sign up for a time slot in Calendly you will receive a confirmation email which contains a Zoom link for the scheduled call. Make sure that you have a Zoom account before the scheduled call. When the time comes all you have to do is open the link in that email and you will be on the call with Seth and Melanie. You can also do a voice-only call if you prefer, but you must still schedule through Calendly.  

How long is each call?
One session with Seth & Melanie lasts 55 minutes.    

What can I expect from our calls?
Coaching with Seth & Melanie is all about pressing in and leveling up! They are not here to make you feel good, they are here to make your life and your marriage AMAZING, and that takes dedication and hard work. Each call is unique to your  needs, and is geared toward healing, and MASSIVE GROWTH! After each call you will receive a brief email along with educational resources for the area that they would like you to work on that week.
Individual coaching with either Seth or Melanie will function much the same way as described above. The calls will focus on your current needs and future dreams - whether that is your relationship, career, or other areas you’re looking to level-up in your life!

What topics do you cover in Coaching Calls?
  • Communication
  • Building non-sexual intimacy in marriage
  • Creating a sex-life that you can be proud of
  • Parenting
  • Running a home together
  • Finances
  • Healing from the past, etc.

What is included in the each coaching package?
The full list of what to expect with each package option is laid out for you here: CLICK HERE

What happens after the initial call?
If Seth and Melanie agree that you would be a good fit as clients they will follow up with a link for your payment and begin scheduling immediately!