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As women we all have goals and dreams for our lives, but for far too many of us those goals and dreams go unfulfilled; Life gets busy, there are outside pressures and demands put upon us by partners, family, our jobs, and our kids. We all know at least one woman who wished she had done more with her one precious life; wished she had chased that dream, taken that trip to Italy, quit her job and started that dream business but never did.

We are here to put your wishes to work and to help you get the most out of this amazing life. We are the supportive community that you need to break through the thoughts that keep you stuck and to push you to create a life that you love!

"A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye
and gives it a wink" 
-Gina Carey

we strive for excellence in these four pillars


Wellness, Sex, Sleep, Health, Food, Movement, Exercise


Growth-Mindset, Mental Nourishment, Attitude Attunement


Inner Peace, Spirituality, Purpose, God, Self Talk, Stress Management


Family, Friends, Intimacy, and Building Community

Joining women's group coaching includes:

  • Weekly Group Call
  • Access to the WGC Community
  • Monthly PDF Resources
  • Printable Measurely Daily Planner, customized for our WGC
  • Monthly focus with weekly action plan and journaling prompts
  • Early access to events, getaways, and exclusive WGC Retreats

Only $249 per month


Weekly Zoom call with Melanie and your group, limited to groups of 10 women.

continual communication

Access your coaching community in continued conversation between sessions via WGC app.


Support in identifying and setting personal goals with quarterly and yearly check-ins to review progress.


Access to exclusive resource library of downloadable resources made for WGC.


Accountability and support from the WGC Community


Meet your group in person and receive exclusive access to WGC Retreats!
I joined WGC when I hit devastation in my marriage, and it’s the best choice I could have made. I had just found out about my husband’s cyber affair, and I was immediately surrounded by strong, supportive women who encouraged me towards my own strength, boundaries, and healing. Melanie helped me see the woman that I wanted to be on the other side of crisis and betrayal, and that is who I focused on becoming while seeing if my marriage could repair. Now I’m on the other side of it all, and I can look back and be proud of how I overcame and handled myself during that time.

- Anonymous, Santa Fe, New Mexico  
Women's group coaching has been exactly what I needed. I entered the group knowing I needed support, understanding and guidance for taking control of my life back. What I now have with women's group Coaching COMPLETELY exceeded my expectations. Having an entire community of women working together to grow our minds, our marriages, parenting techniques, sickness, health, motivation, and so much more is exactly what I needed. The constant sharing of resources, podcasts, planners/calendars, etc is a huge help and has me constantly working on a new way to help grow in every area. I would highly recommend women's group coaching because having a community supporting you through every step in life is exactly what every woman needs!

-Brittany, Wisconsin
Women's Group Coaching has been the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s been the most supportive community while still challenging me to be the best I can be! I absolutely love these ladies and I can’t imagine life without them!

-Kaylena Davis, Atlanta, Georgia 
I love working through problems I have with the women’s group. I get different perspectives and no sugar-coated platitudes. Real women who have helped me navigate becoming an empty nester, a career change, and an international move. I feel supported, loved and lighter after our calls!

- Deb G., Seoul, Korea  
I have been blown away by this amazing group of women in Women’s Group Coaching. I have had the privilege of bonding with this group of women for over a year now. We are able to post things on Discord and receive advice and thoughts from women all over the country through all different walks of life. Once a week, we meet in smaller groups and two ladies each week share an issue for which they need advice, then we all try to help each lady with her issue.  Not only is it amazing to have 10 other ladies offer advice and encouragement over Zoom, but let me just tell you that Melanie Studley has incredible insight into people and is able to get to the heart of an issue and offer sound advice.  We end our weekly call with prayer requests and ways we can support each other through the week. Several times I’ve had a few of these amazing ladies reach out to me to check on me and see how I’m doing. It’s so incredible to be a part of a group of ladies who love and support me for who I am. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself by joining Women’s Group Coaching.

-Robin V. Jupiter, Florida
Women’s group coaching gave me friendships that will last a life time. Connections with woman I would have never met otherwise. What was so beautiful about the group was each woman was in a different stage in their journey, but everyone was so active to help offer advice or give their examples to give you insight & perspective to what you needed help with. It’s probably one of the most supportive group of women I ever met who were also like minded and wanted to be the best version of themselves at whatever stage they were at! There was never any judgement or competition, it felt like a group of uplifting, supporting, and reaching out when you needed help. A lot of these woman saw me in a season of struggle through school, work, kids and marriage and then celebrated me when I finished school, &  was in a new phase of life and helped me navigate everything in between. As much as I LOVE the women in the group, having Melanie in my weekly group call to give her insight and perspective was SO PIVOTAL to my growth as a person. She has a way with not only words, prompting different ways of thinking about a situation but her vast knowledge with helping marriages made it such an investment to be in the group. I’m forever thankful for her support, encouragement, wisdom, perspective and friendship because of Woman’s group coaching. Woman’s group coaching is for ALL stages of life, from struggling with married, kids, life etc to thriving and wanting to surround yourself with women who also want to be the best version of themselves. It is worth the investment and all that you gain from It.

-Emily S, Maple Valley, WA


- a six-month initial commitment is suggested to allow yourself time and space to build relationships and consistency within the wgc community.
- Attendance and active participation in the Weekly group Call and text community
- Willingness to learn, be vulnerable, and grow
- Focused on your goals and desire to help your community smash their goals and reach their potential!

let's go further together!

PRICE: $249 per month


Melanie Studley
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