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As women we all have goals and dreams for our lives, but for far too many of us those goals and dreams go unfulfilled; Life gets busy, there are outside pressures and demands put upon us by partners, family, our jobs, and our kids. We all know at least one woman who wished she had done more with her one precious life; wished she had chased that dream, taken that trip to Italy, quit her job and started that dream business but never did.

We are here to put your wishes to work and to help you get the most out of this amazing life. We are the supportive community that you need to break through the thoughts that keep you stuck and to push you to create a life that you love!

"A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye
and gives it a wink" 
-Gina Carey

we strive for excellence in these four pillars


Wellness, Sex, Sleep, Health, Food, Movement, Exercise


Growth-Mindset, Mental Nourishment, Attitude Attunement


Inner Peace, Spirituality, Purpose, God, Self Talk, Stress Management


Family, Friends, Intimacy, and Building Community



Melanie’s coaching style  allowed me to show up as my authentic self. She is genuine, strong and grounded in her ability to provide feedback and guidance. She was kind but firm and this created safety in our work together.
This helped so much with my ability to be creative, rooted and strong in what I needed to do and what I am doing for the growth in myself and in my marriage.


Jill Ann Lim

When I started working with Melanie, I was guarded, defensive, and nervous to open up. There is something about Melanie, though, - her tone, her language, her whole presence (even over the phone) - that makes her so approachable and easy to talk to.
After 12 weeks of coaching with Melanie, I think differently, I’m more confidant, I’m a better partner, and I approach decision making in a new way. Looking back at how I was in the beginning, I am so glad I trusted her and the process. I like who I have become.



Melanie has provided exceptional value in her ability to assess my situation quickly and offer concrete tools and a plan of action to enable successful growth, change and resilience.
She is first and foremost, trustworthy, encouraging, insightful and patient.   She offers an insightful guide through life experiences and is wise beyond her years.  Her technique and approach allows your strengths to be realized and your journey to be appreciated.
Her level of commitment to this community, continues to amaze me to no end! Working with her has a great impact on my life each day!   The gifts of guidance she offers stay with you!



Having Melanie as a coach has been an amazing experience. She is witty and so personable it’s like talking to a best friend. Her coaching style is down to earth with real techniques that have helped me through some of my most difficult challenges in the most encouraging way. I’ve been to counseling and have had mentors throughout my life but after just the first session with Melanie I feel like I had more self discovery than all of my counseling session or mentoring combined.
She is clear and concise so I am never confused about what she is teaching me. She has a true heart for helping people and she loves when people succeed.

Joining women's group coaching includes:

  • Weekly Group Call
  • Access to the WGC Community
  • Monthly PDF Resources
  • Printable Measurely Daily Planner, customized for our WGC
  • Monthly focus with weekly action plan and journaling prompts
  • Early access to events, getaways, and exclusive WGC Retreats

Only $249 per month


Weekly Zoom call with Melanie and your group, limited to groups of 10 women.

continual communication

Access your coaching community in continued conversation between sessions via WGC app.


Support in identifying and setting personal goals with quarterly and yearly check-ins to review progress.


Access to exclusive resource library of downloadable resources made for WGC.


Accountability and support from the WGC Community


Meet your group in person and receive exclusive access to WGC Retreats!

WGC retreats

In person meet ups through retreats planned specifically for WGC! Experience adventure and in person coaching through the opportunities of a lifetime! WGC members will receive exclusive member pricing on all women's retreats.


- a six-month initial commitment is suggested to allow yourself time and space to build relationships and consistency within the wgc community.
- Attendance and active participation in the Weekly group Call and text community
- Willingness to learn, be vulnerable, and grow
- Focused on your goals and desire to help your community smash their goals and reach their potential!

let's go further together!

PRICE: $249 per month


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