We are SO EXCITED to share our Praying with your Partner downloadable pdf!

We created this pdf in tandem with our series titled Anatomy Of Redemption, where we give listeners a behind-the scenes look at the toll it took on our marriage, our faith and our friendships when we lost our community at Mars Hill Church.

This pdf will help you incorporate prayer back into your marriage if you have fallen out of the habit, or can help couples bring prayer into their marriage for the first time! 
We served at Mars Hill Church for over a decade. Our children were born and (we thought) would be raised within the loving community that Mars Hill had created in the Pacific Northwest. It didn't end up like we hoped it would.  

We realized only recently that we carried a lot of church hurt from that experience and also discovered that we weren't alone. We are sharing our journey with the hopes that it will help and encourage folks in similar situations to find help, healing, and a way back to God's word and the power of prayer in marriage.