JULY 28-29
at the Hilton Orlando

Take your relationship to the next level at the 
with the Dad Edge’s Larry Hagner
and Seth & Melanie Studley of Anatomy Of Us
Are you and your spouse on the same page? Are you having sex? Is it even good? Are you flustered after a long day of work and chasing kids around? When was the last conversation you had with your teenager? What is your vision for your home?
Come to the Power Couple Summit to learn from the experience, skills and tools of Larry Hagner and Seth & Melanie Studley. Let’s customize growth and connection for your marriage and family!



Tips, tools and techniques for improving communication in marriage.


Helping couples feel more seen, heard, felt, and cherished in their relationship.


Nurturing a strong, healthy bond for the family with life lasting memories.


Creating clear systems for relationship success using the Power Couple Planner.


Getting to the core & cultivating intimacy within your marriage.


Building happy homes and loving families through clarity, systems and dedication.


The Power Couple Summit is the perfect opportunity for you and your spouse to strengthen your marriage, create extraordinary memories with your kids, connect to a community of like-minded couples, and enjoy all that Orlando has to offer.


Here's what clients and past attendees of our events have to say.

Callie munday

Anatomy of Us Women's Group Coaching Member
"The first annual Women's Group Coaching event was life-changing! The exercises we did and the community built from that weekend changed so much for me."

Adam patrick johnson

Badass Husband Mastermind Member
"Seth's group has changed my life. With the push and encouragement of the group, I've taken the leap into the entrepreneurial endeavors I've been putting off for years!"

paul veddar

Badass Husband Mastermind Member
"The men's mastermind meeting was a challenging and valuable time of fellowship and accountability."

Ben Grimm

Dad Edge Member
"The Dad Edge Summit is awesome. I go every year - wouldn't miss it for a thing!"


Larry Hagner

Larry Hagner is a well-known name in the world of parenting and fatherhood. He is the founder and host of the Dad Edge Podcast (formerly the Good Dad Project) , which is a top-ranked podcast for fathers seeking to improve their parenting skills and build stronger relationships with their children.
Larry will teach men how to prioritize quality time with family, set clear boundaries and expectations, communicate openly and honestly, and show love and affection to those who matter most; family.

Seth & MElanie Studley

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
High-Performance Marriage Coach

Seth and Melanie Studley are the creators and co-hosts of the Anatomy Of Us Podcast, a show that brings real help to real couples. Together they cover topics from tricky parenting issues to scheduling intimacy and everything in between!
As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and High Performance Marriage Coaches Seth and Melanie merge the therapeutic with the drive to go higher as a couple!  
The Studley’s will help couples create a system for success for their marriage and family with the help of the Power Couple Planner, designed by Melanie herself!

Enjoy the beautiful Hilton Orlando

The Hilton Orlando is a luxurious hotel located in the heart of Orlando, it is the perfect base for exploring all the attractions the city has to offer, such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. Guests can also enjoy a range of on-site facilities such as multiple dining options, a fitness center, an outdoor pool and Melanie’s personal favorite: the lazy river!

Making memories & building friendships

Not only will the Power Couple Summit give you an opportunity to have an AMAZING time with your spouse and kiddos, but it will also help you build friendships with like-minded couples and families who are in it to win it, just like you!
Remember, you (and your kids) are the sum of the five people you hang out with the most, so you might as well find the best people to hang out with!


Don't see what you're looking for? Ask us by emailing hello@anatomyofmarriage.com


The summit will take place Friday, July 28th, through Saturday, July 29th. We will begin Friday afternoon and all day Saturday! We highly encourage you to make a weekend of it. Bring the kids and stay through Sunday to give yourselves time to relax, enjoy your time at the resort, take advantage of the discounted parks tickets, and reflect on everything you’ve learned over the summit. Connect with your spouse and enjoy an extra day in paradise!

it's in orlando, Will there be childcare?

TBD! We are working on lining up a childcare situation so couples can bring their kiddos and hit the parks the days before or after the summit! We will email you with details once we have that sorted.

are hotel rooms included?

While rooms are not included in the ticket price, you will get a group discount rate. When you book your room, make sure to let them know you are here for the Power Couple Summit event!


Your ticket includes admission for both you AND your spouse! Only once ticket purchase is necessary.