No more boring marriage books!

Let's face it, marriage resources are SO BORING! But not this one! The Power Couple Planner makes marriage success quick, easy and FUN!

"The best coffee in town! It's awesome!"

- John Evans

"It's my absolute favorite place to go!"

- Greg Smith

Take the guesswork out of your marriage!

Knowing what your partner needs is challenging! The Power Couple Planner removes the guesswork and gives you an easy-to-use template to ensure that both you and your partner get your needs met.

What it includes

Scheduled SucCess

The Power Couple Planner is a weekly planning system to help couples have an amazing relationship. Don't just hope for success, plan for it!

Partner Info sheets

It can be challenging to remember the things that your partner likes; their favorite flower, etc. so we put it all in one place to help you look like the hero! 

built-in journal!

Along with scheduling your success each week there is also a built-in journal so you and your spouse can look back at your adventures and celebrate how far you've come as a couple! 

Tools for success

Couples need instant access to tools and resources, and The Power Couple Planner has over 200 Conversation Starters, 100 Date Ideas, plus several conflict resolution tools right at your fingertips! 

No hassle, HIGH IMPACT!

The Power Couple Planner helps couples align daily goals and values, communicate with more clarity and confidence, connect through regular date nights, and so much more. All without reading a single book!

"The best coffee in town! It's awesome!"

- John Evans

"It's my absolute favorite place to go!"

- Greg Smith


With hundreds of Conversation Starters, Date Ideas, Conflict Resolution tools, Chore tools, Marriage Quotes/Inspiration, and more, the Power Couple Planner has everything you need to relationship success! 


The Power Couple Planner makes an amazing gift for newly weds! Who wouldn't want an outline for a happy marriage more than a couple who is just starting out?

Dudes will use it!

We designed this book to be easy-to-use and effective to the core. Too many marriage books are fluff and touchy feely in a way that men don't like... not this one!

MARRIAGE systems!

A company is only as successful as its systems, and a marriage is no different! The Power Couple Planner gives you systems for creating relationship success!