The Power Couple Planner

How SYSTEMS will TRANSFORM your marriage!

We use systems for practically EVERYTHING in our lives; getting a license, earning an education, making sure your car runs correctly, and more. The only place that doesn't have clear systems is marriage... but WHY?!

Marriage is one of the most impactful relationships that people will ever have, EVER! And without solid systems to ensure that our marriages are healthy, running smoothly and on the right track we are destined to accidentally fall into marital disharmony or worse, disrepair.

That is why we created the Power Couple Planner! This planner gives you the fundamental elements of a healthy marriage all in one place, without having to read a book or figure it out on your own. Here is just a taste of what it has inside...

  • Daily Connection points 
  • Weekly Sex & Intimacy scheduling
  • 100 Date Ideas
  • 211 Conversation Starters
  • Fillable tools for working through conflict in real time
  • Marriage Quotes
  • Weekly Gratitude Journal 
  • Bi-Weekly Marriage Check-ins
  • Divide & Conquer Chore lists to make home management more equal
  •  And SO MUCH MORE! 

This planner is the ONLY plug and play planner for couples that will help them reach martial success every single day.

No more wondering how to solve your conflict
No more fighting over household inequalities  
No more forgetting your partner's favorite things
No more wondering what to do on your date night
No more neglecting date nights
No more questions about if or when you will have sex!

Get the Power Couple Planner today and save yourself time, heartache, confusion and hours on the therapy sofa!

*this is not meant as a replacement to therapy*

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