Listen, we're not saying that marriage books are bad, but they just aren't as effective as intentional actions, done every single day to get you closer to your marriage goals. Here are 4 reasons that we struggle with marriage books and didn't want to write one! 

1. They require too much remembering and thinking! Seriously!It's REALLY HARD to remember the important stuff when you are upset, flooded, sad, feeling rejected, etc. And since most marriage books don't come with fillable worksheets and practical tools, that means that the author is relying on your memory and your ability to think clearly about what they wrote back on page 57... not gonna happen! Couples need tangible tools that are fast, reliable, and don't require heavy thinking, remembering page numbers or chapters! We literally need to be told how to behave in those moments, and a book just can't do that.

2.They are primarily written by thinkers and not feelers!
Why is this a problem? Because most marriages and intimate relationships are based primarily on feelings vs. thinking. This gap between feeling people vs. thinking authors tends to create a lot of 'thinking-based' advice that looks great on paper, but that flies out the window once you start feeling those pesky feelings! WE NEED BOTH feelings and thinking in order to find balance.

3. There just aren't enough TOOLS!
Seriously, marriage books are full of thoughts, ideas, metaphors, and relatable stories, but WHERE ARE THE TOOLS? Where is the manual for what to do when stuff gets messy? Where is the worksheet for who takes out the trash and how often you both want sex? Oh yeah... they don't exist!!! (or at least they didn't used to exist!)

4. They are almost exclusively designed for women... and that just doesn't cut it!
Women are the ones who buy relationship tools and marketers and retailers know it. In an attempt to sell more copies of a given book they have learned to lean hard on girly, frilly, feminine aesthetics that actually push men AWAY! Obviously that isn't good or even fair to men; they need these resources as well, but if everything is written for women they are far less likely to use them.

Again, we are NOT saying that marriage books are bad, in fact we have read practically all of them... but we are saying that couples NEED tools, systems, along with practical and tangible advice. If you want to streamline your marriage and make the most of every moment pick up the Power Couple Planner now! 

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