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marriage advice sucks

Every couple falls in love, gets married, and a few years later find themselves lost, frustrated, and out of love - even so far as Melanie giving Seth a black eye! When you’re in real trouble, you need REAL, RAW, & HELPFUL resources. Not fruity platitudes that don't address the problem.

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. . . “the bottom line was that I needed an education on who I am, why I do the things I do and why I respond the way I respond. AoM provided me with the tools to understand my issues fully so that I was able to get out of the crazy cycle of the same arguments, issues, miscommunications and bickering that my wife and I had struggled through for years.” 



“This podcast has helped my wife and I approach the conversations that we would never have thought to talk about and discover a deeper and more meaningful marriage!” 

Black Eye Story

Everything changed when Melanie gave Seth a black eye.


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